Timeless, Modern Knitting Patterns with a Twist

Our Favorites

These are a few of our favourite modern knitting Patterns! These are the ones we are particulary proud of and are constantly wearing! Check out the Knitting Patterns Tab for more contemporary Knitting Patterns!

“Love the design!”


“I love my headband, it’s so cute! I’ll probably make another one.”


“Knitting the sweater has been really fun!”


“Really enjoyed the construction of the sweater, the saddle shoulders are really great!”


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We are Lisa & Bella from wemadewardobe! We love knitting and designing modern knitting patterns that are elevated and have special and timeless details! We always strive for the best quality and easy to uunderstand knitting patterns so that everyone can knit their own special pieces and have a selfmade and special wardrobe! We believe knitting is one of the best hobbys out there, since it’s sustainable, relaxing, challenging, fulfilling – all while you are sitting on your couch watching your favourite TV-Show! But not only that, with smaller projects you can knit on the go, in the parc or meet friends at a cute and cozy café. And best of all – if you choose the right knitting pattern you will have a garment you will treasure forever! That is why we want to create timeless but still modern knitting patterns that will be worn for many years to come. In our blog we explain everything you need to know to get started with knitting your knitting journey! Or if you are an experienced knitter – it’s always nice to have everything in one place. Get started with your first modern knitting pattern by browising our knitting patterns library. Have fun scrolling and happy knitting! Bella & Lisa <3